48 Hours Until The Gates at Newport Folk Festival Open. First Aid Kit Returns.

With just two days to go until Newport Folk Festival its really starting to set in and get exciting.  On Sunday afternoon the girls from First Aid Kit will be back for the first time since they debut at Newport back in 2012.  I didn't get to see much of their set that year for some reason and there weren't much live images to be had.  I did get this one portrait of them however.  This year I hope to get some performance shots and have some time to enjoy their performance.  


5 Days Till Newport Folk Festival 2015. Deer Tick Rasin' A Ruckus, Having Fun, & Given Back!

Deer Tick have become a major part of the Newport Folk Festival resurgence over the past few years and they've continued to help the festival and community grow in a positive way.  Last year was their official debut on the Fort Stage.  In classic Deer Tick form the boys dawned tuxedoes to celebrate the occasion.  

Though not officially on the roster this year they are always a big part of what makes Newport Folk so much fun.  There after hours shows sold out yet again this year in record time.  If you were lucky enough to get a ticket you are in for a treat.  They always have a few special guests and surprises up their sleeves.  Awesome thing about these shows too is that all proceeds go to support The Newport Folk Foundation & Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation.  

6 Days Till Newport Folk Fest 2015. Watkins Family Hour At Jane Pickens Theater

With just six days left prior to gates opening at Newport Folk Festival 2015 the buzz is in the air.  The Jane Picken's Theater shows start next Thursday with the Watkins Family Hour which was amazing last year.  If you haven't experienced a show at this little theatre you need to.   You never know who might show up just do collaborate, hang out, or do a sing along.  If you are in town a day or so early do yourself a favor and check this special evening of music out.  I know I'll be there with a few cameras.   I believe tickets are still available at.   Click here to see what tickets are left

One Week Until Gates Open At Newport Folk Festival 2015! Shout To Frank's Crew!

With just seven days until the gates upon out at Fort Adams for Newport Folk Festival 2015 you better believe they will be working around the clock to make it a success.  Newport Folk is a big part of many peoples lives each summer.  If you are born and raised in Newport the festival has in some way been a big or small part of your life.  For the guys pictured in the image below it has been a part of their lives, for some of them, well over 25 years.  Just wanted to give a shout out to them and all the teams working around the clock to make the festival come to life.  What Would Frank Do?   


8 Days Until Newport Folk Festival 2015!! A Few Words from Kanene Pipkin of The Lone Bellow.

Ok so with 8 Days until Newport Folk Festival I'm a bit out of wind for words.  The Lone Bellow debuted back in 2013 at the festival and they simply blew the roof off of the Quad stage.  They will be playing the Fort Stage this year on Friday.  With a new album out and the anticipation of Newport Folk 2015, I have no doubt they will be just as excited to perform as they were their debut year.  Here is what Kanene Pipkin had to say when I asked the band what that first year was like for her and the band : 

"I had never experienced such shocking hospitality ever before at a festival. No coolly detached spectators, waiting to assess your impressiveness. Instead, Newport introduced me to a true folk festival experience; a raucous, impassioned celebration, a true welcome from the people who love what you do and want you to keep doing it. I can't wait to see them again." - Kanene Pipkin 

9. Single Digits Until Newport Folk Festival 2015! Brandi Carlile Is Back! Here a few from 2010.

With just nine (9) days until Newport Folk Festival 2015 officially gets on the way it is starting to get exciting.  I was asked the other day who I'm excited to see this year and one of the first artists that came to mind was Brandi Carlile.  She's playing the Quad Stage too which is awesome.  Here are a few images of her from NFF2010.  I shot a few of these sitting on my beach chair with my family.  See you at the fort soon! 


10 Day's Until Newport Folk Festival 2015. Old Crow Medicine Show 2013

Just 10 days to go folks!!! Say what! Figured I'd share a couple Old Crow Medicine Show images that I've never shared before.  Old Crow put an amazing performance together for Newport Folk Festival 2013.  With the schedule somewhat finalized its time to start game planning for the upcoming weekend of fun in 2015.   Enjoy a few outtakes!  see you in the single digits tomorrow.  Get the All New NEWPORT FOLK FESTIVAL APP HERE!

13 To Go Until Newport Folk Festival 2015. Expect The Unexpected...

Every year Newport Folk Festival throws a few curve balls our way.  Be it with the announcement of Rodger Waters to the line up, surprise performances out at the Kids tent by artist like Connor Oberst, Tom Morello performing protest songs with fans on stage, Charles Bradley kissing and hugging fans in the press pit at the main stage or The Lumineers stopping in at the Museum stage to lead a workshop and play a few tunes.  It is dizzying at times but that's what makes it so much fun.  I always go into each year with a plan and by the end of day one that plan has completely been thrown out the window.  Expect some unexpected surprises each year!  

The Lumineers playing to a group of about 50 people at The Museum Stage 2013 & them also taking their performance off of the main stage into the crowd was pretty fun too! 

For Pete's Sake There Are Just 15 Days Until Newport Folk Festival 2015!

Digging through the archives this past few weeks has been fun.  Finding some old images, and new ones too.  Funny how images just bring memories flooding back.  I remember taking this image of Pete Seeger back in 2011.  He was warming up just prior to going on stage to play a few songs with the other artists that were there that weekend.  I really wanted to ask him if I could take a portrait of him and his banjo.  Timing and a bit of luck often play into getting "the shot".  I was too nervous to even approach him and never got the shot I was hoping for.  He didn't have his banjo with him back stage but he did have his twelve string.  I kept my distance and just enjoyed watching him from afar.  For such a gentle man, he had such a commanding presence. He may not be with us in the physical form anymore but his spirit and love for the folk festival lives on.  


Just 16 Days To Go. Artist Come Back to Newport Because It's Big On The Little Things.

Newport Folk Festival continues to evolve each year.  Every year new artists become part of the folk family and the tradition.  Artist like Shakey Graves, Hozier, First Aid Kit, and many more come back because it is a festival that thrives and prides itself on being relaxed, inviting, and all about coming together for the love of music.  Last year Jack White enjoyed the festival with little to no fan fair while taking pictures with his Polaroid camera.  Hozier & Jeff Tweedy both played small intimate sets at the Museum Stage for a handful of people.  Square Space has taken over where Paste left of with the "ruins" series of performances.  NFF hasn't lost a single ounce of what makes it such a big deal for artists to experience.   It is not just another festival to most.  You can't really explain "it" in words.  You just have to come and take it all in to truly understand what makes this little festival so special.    

Be sure to listen to both Shakey Graves and Hozier explain why Newport is more than just another festival to them at the links below the images.   

Shakey taking some images with his old school Canon camera & Hozier greeting fans. 

17 Days. Riding Your Bike To Newport Folk? Artist & Crew do. So Can You!

Riding your bike to Fort Adams is an option at Newport Folk Festival.  It is a beautiful ride out to the fort and a great way to start the day.  I remember one year I saw a guy locking up his bike and he had a violin case.  Sure enough it was Andrew Bird.   Couple years ago Ben Sollee did a mini tour on his bike.  Staff members love em too.  Billy Glassner pictured below making his rounds as NFF partner coordinator and Ben Sollee touring with his cello on his modified road bike. 


18 Days. Alabama Shakes Debut Performance at Newport Folk Festival 2012

Newport Folk Festival always seems to be always ahead of the curve when it comes to finding, inviting, and bringing amazing music to the fort.  2012 was the year of Alabama Shakes.  Their debut album came out that April and by the time NFF was going down they were started to make big waves in the music world.  Nothing has changed.  Their latest album Sound & Color is amazing.

20 Days To Go Until The Grand Daddy of Them All! Newport Folk Festival 2015

Happy Independence Day America.  Fort Adams will be aglow with fireworks and the sounds of boats blowing their horns in honor of this amazing country.  In 20 days the gates will open and folks will enjoy the sounds of some amazing music at Newport Folk Festival 2015.  Never been to Fort Adams and need a history lesson?  Check out some of the history geek links below to learn about the fort.  Its history in so many ways. 

Fort Adams The Full History    Fort Adams : A History