21 Days Until NFF2015. Wilco Outtake & California Stars Shine Bright over Newport Folk Festival 2012

2012 was the year I became a full blown Wilco fan.  I was converted the night they played Newport Folk Festival that year.  If you were in attendance and had the chance to see this performance you know what I'm talking about.  If you weren't a fan before this show, you left a fan that evening.   

I decided for this set I was not going to shoot from the press pit and since access to the side stage was off limits for this performance I carefully worked my way into the sea of hardcore Wilco fans.  Getting these shots was not an easy task.  Careful not to block anyones view or to offend people with my camera, I made a few friends who were willing to share a spot on their blanket so I could snap a few shots.   I'm sure glad I decided to shoot from this vantage point. The stage lighting that night was magical.  Being able to experience my first Wilco show from center stage with some hardcore Wilco aficionados was awesome.  I got schooled, took a few photos, shared some laughs, and when California Stars went down, I was blown away.

Here are two images from that night.  First one is still a work in progress that I call Hoodoo Voodoo.  It was shot during that song.  Second image was taken during California Stars which featured Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion on backing vocals.

(Hoodoo Voodoo | Wilco Newport Folk Fest 2012)


(California Stars)