30 days till Newport Folk Fest 2015 | Redefining the term "tradition".

Newport Folk Festival 2015 is just around the bend.  It is the 50th Anniversary of Dylan going electric.  So I figured no better way to start off the 30 days to Newport Folk 2015 series of images with you.  Reignwolf took a page from Dylan's redefining performance and lit it on fire during Folk Fest 2014.  As has become "tradition" at Newport they redefined what folk can sound like.  Each year there seems to be an artist or two that does not fit the mold of what the old school folk fan might consider worthy of performing at Newport.  Without fail each year these risky additions to the line up produce some of the most memorable performances of the weekend.  

I know I'm pretty excited to watch Courtney Barnett become a part of the tradition of what has become Newport Folk Festival.  

Leave a comment below.  Who are you looking forward to seeing this year?  

In the tradition of Newport Folk Festival, Reignwolf redefining what folk music can be.