5 Days Till Newport Folk Festival 2015. Deer Tick Rasin' A Ruckus, Having Fun, & Given Back!

Deer Tick have become a major part of the Newport Folk Festival resurgence over the past few years and they've continued to help the festival and community grow in a positive way.  Last year was their official debut on the Fort Stage.  In classic Deer Tick form the boys dawned tuxedoes to celebrate the occasion.  

Though not officially on the roster this year they are always a big part of what makes Newport Folk so much fun.  There after hours shows sold out yet again this year in record time.  If you were lucky enough to get a ticket you are in for a treat.  They always have a few special guests and surprises up their sleeves.  Awesome thing about these shows too is that all proceeds go to support The Newport Folk Foundation & Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation.