For Pete's Sake There Are Just 15 Days Until Newport Folk Festival 2015!

Digging through the archives this past few weeks has been fun.  Finding some old images, and new ones too.  Funny how images just bring memories flooding back.  I remember taking this image of Pete Seeger back in 2011.  He was warming up just prior to going on stage to play a few songs with the other artists that were there that weekend.  I really wanted to ask him if I could take a portrait of him and his banjo.  Timing and a bit of luck often play into getting "the shot".  I was too nervous to even approach him and never got the shot I was hoping for.  He didn't have his banjo with him back stage but he did have his twelve string.  I kept my distance and just enjoyed watching him from afar.  For such a gentle man, he had such a commanding presence. He may not be with us in the physical form anymore but his spirit and love for the folk festival lives on.