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I remember getting my first couple of vinyl LP's as a kid and falling in love with the album art and the photography that told the visual story of the music I loved listening to.   Anton Corbijn black & white images for The Joshua Tree by U2 blew my mind.  Dennis Morris's candids and portraits of Bob Marley are magic, Henry Diltz's Laurel Canyon work just so dreamy.  To this day I'm constantly inspired by so many other photographers work.  

I'm constantly in search of new projects and ideas.  2020 will mark 10 years of being one of the principal photographers for the historic Newport Folk Festival & Newport Jazz Festival.  I'm proud of the images I'm creating with this amazingly talented team of creatives.

I'm also part of the creative team for Coachella Music Festival.  2020 is Coachella's 20th anniversary.  It has been fun to watch this idea blossom into what it has become.


Staff Photographer


Coachella Music Festival | Newport Folk Festival | Newport Jazz Festival | Stage Coach Music Festival | Day In Vegas Music Festival


Golden Voice Entertainment | AEG World Wide | TuneIn Radio | Rolling Stone Magazine | Billboard Magazine | New York Times


I love what I do.  I hope that comes across in my images.  I'm always open to new ideas and projects big or small.   Get in contact and lets work together.

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