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The Newport Folk Festival started out as a passion project.  I've been going to the festival off and on all my life.  I grew up in Newport, so this historic festival is part of my musical DNA.  Moving back to Newport in 2008, I began going to the festival again as a fan.  My camera always at the ready I started to document the festival from the "fans" perspective.  Capturing unique photographs of the performances and artists from the crowd.  In 2010 I was invited to join the production team as one of the staff music photographers.  The images in this series represent the past eight years of the festival as I have come to see and document it.  I'm rarely in the "press pit" and spend most of my time in the shadows back stage capturing candid moments between the artists and fans.   My live music photography usually happens from the stage or deep in the crowd.  My goal is always to give the viewer an intimate look at what makes this festival so unique and special to the artist and fans that have become part of the Newport Folk family.      

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